Saturday, March 12, 2016

Here's my Saturday afternoon update. In the video, I mention a gospel group called Soulsearchers, and I theorized that they are Soulsearchers (9) in the Discogs database. That was incorrect. They are simply Soulsearchers! Also, sorry about the lighting problem. I've always had lighting problems in this basement. I'll try and work up a solution for you, the viewer.

Saturday afternoon - post thrift store update - 03/12/2016 from music___me on Vimeo.

Post publishing edit: I've got a couple items in the databases already, The Damned United and The Phantom Tollbooth.


  1. Found the record on Discogs. Kind of surprised it was already submitted.

  2. OK, got Hamsterdance submitted as well. There was no US version in the database yet.